Good Afternoon!

Prior to the upcoming 2023 tax season – we will be retiring OfficeTools, our existing client portal application, and upgrading to a new client portal application.

We’re very excited to announce that this moment has arrived, and we have officially rolled out our new client portal application – Qount! We will be using this application for this upcoming tax season and beyond and we are very confident that it will make your interactions with us easier. Please note that as of now, OfficeTools will no longer be available for client use.

Qount is an application that will allow you to interact with our staff conveniently using a variety of devices – phone, desktop, laptop, or iPad in one secure location. Electronic signatures just got easier too – no more emails back and forth with us to access or sign your tax documents – it’s all in the app!  All of your tax your documents will now be readily accessible in the app. Likewise, our yearly tax questionnaire will now be automated so no more printing and scanning – you can answer the questions and send it right back.

We have recently sent out email invitations for registration to our new client portal. If you have not done so already, we encourage you to check your inbox for that email and register your new account with the activation link and familiarize yourself with the new layout and enhanced functionality of our new client portal app. If you register before yearend, we will automatically send your engagement letter and invoice in January. We require payment and document submission before 2/15 to file by 3/15 for entities and 3/15 to file by 4/15 for individuals.

We feel that Qount will significantly enhance your client experience in terms of convenience and security, and we are striving to make this new transition as seamless as possible for you. We are very happy to assist with any questions that you may have regarding this transition.

Thank you very much and have a great day!