We Take Care of Your Taxes While You’re Overseas

If you are working overseas, particularly in a combat zone or high-threat location, managing your taxes — or finding someone overseas who can — is very difficult. At Hughes Szuberla, we have years of experience handling a variety of tax services and tax consultations for those who earn their money abroad. Our knowledge of the tax code as it relates to foreign-earned income is unmatched. Whether you’re working in security, healthcare, engineering or any other critical support service abroad, we’ll make sure your taxes are taken care of at home.

Tax Preparation & Filing

Finding the time to prepare and file your taxes in a combat zone or any other challenging environment overseas can be tough, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Hughes Szuberla team is adept at navigating the tax considerations for foreign-earned income, and we know the challenges faced by those working overseas.

Our tax preparation and filing services include:

  • Tax Preparation for originally filed returns, past due returns or amendments
  • Review of prior year tax returns for new clients
  • Response to notices from the IRS or state revenue agencies on your behalf

Tax Consultation

The IRS tax code is complex, particularly when it comes to foreign-earned income. We are experts in helping those who earn money overseas plan for annual taxes — including maximizing your foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credits. We can help devise a plan that meets your IRS obligations while minimizing your tax burden.

Our tax consultation services include:

  • Quarterly projections and year-end tax planning
  • Audit assistance for IRS or state audits
  • Analysis of foreign tax credits and foreign earned income exclusion for federal and state purposes
  • Assistance with determining eligibility for foreign earned income exclusion (bonafide residency or 330 days abroad)
  • Analysis of employee withholding to ensure you are maximizing your paychecks and refunds
  • Assistance with determining state residency and filing requirements for those working abroad

Whether at home, overseas, or a combination of both, we can help.

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