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Professional tax services for overseas contractors and employees, individuals working in the United States and small businesses.

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IRS extends deadline to July 15th. Extension is automatic, no paperwork is needed.

We Specialize in Tax Planning for Those That Earn Income Abroad

Whether you’re a contractor temporarily working abroad, an expat abroad long term, or a US citizen residing in the United States, Hughes Szuberla helps ensure your taxes are properly managed — and that your money is protected.

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  • “Despite an aggressive IRS auditor, Mason pressed forward with information about my taxes, making sure to cover every possible aspect to show I met the Physical Presence Test.”

    — Steven Beaver
  • “In my line of work I come across countless individuals always looking for a reliable and trustworthy CPA, immediately my response is to recommend Hughes Szuberla.”

    — Hugh Stewart
  • “I have been a Hughes-Szuberla client for years, their promptness and attention to detail make the stressful tax season a breeze!”

    — Tabish Imran
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The Hughes Szuberla team is communicative, dedicated, transparent and timely. We’re here for you whenever — or wherever – you need us.

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