Trusted Tax Experts for US Citizens and Residents Working in the United States

While many of our clients earn their income overseas, we are experts at helping those who earn a living in the US with their taxes as well, from tax planning to preparation and filing.

Tax Preparation & Filing

April 15th seems to come around quickly when you’re busy at work and home. Preparing and filing your taxes takes time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. Hughes Szuberla takes the burden off you. We will prepare and file your taxes in a timely manner for an affordable fee.

Our tax preparation and filing services include:

  • Tax Preparation for originally filed returns, past due returns or amendments
  • Review of prior year tax returns for new clients
  • Response to notices from the IRS or state revenue agencies on your behalf

Tax Consultation

The IRS tax code is filled with complex rules and regulations as well as individual benefits that most people fail to take advantage of. At Hughes Szuberla, we will design a tax plan that will maximize deductions and minimize your tax burden.

Our tax consultation services include:

  • Quarterly projections and year-end tax planning
  • Audit assistance for IRS or state audits
  • Analysis of employee withholding to ensure you are maximizing your paychecks and refunds
  • Analysis of state residency requirements

Whether at home, overseas, or a combination of both, we can help.

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